How to Treat a Cracked Tooth

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Have you recently cracked a tooth? If so, you need to meet with your dentist, Dr. Gerald Fujii, and receive treatment. If you don’t treat the tooth, there is a good chance the crack can worsen and cause more damage. Fortunately, there are many treatments available that can help you, whether a blow to the face or a food accident caused your injury.

For a small, minor crack, your dentist can repair the tooth with a dental bonding treatment. This involves placing resin (a tooth-colored dental material) over the tooth and then hardening it. This reshapes and repairs the tooth, covering the crack.

For a medium crack, your dentist can repair the tooth with a tooth splint. This involves bonding the damaged tooth to the healthy tooth next to it. This gives the tooth the support it needs to allow the surrounding bone and gums to recover. This is the best option for a tooth that is loose.

For a large crack, your dentist can repair the tooth with a root canal. This involves removing the internal layers of the tooth that have been damaged. Then, once the inside of the tooth is cleaned, your dentist will cover and protect the tooth with a dental crown.

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