Get rid of cold sores fast with laser treatment

At Portland Dental, our dentists know how bothersome a cold sore on the lip or in the mouth can be. This is why Drs. Kaveendra Ranasinghe and Cameron Schwab of Portland, Oregon, offer laser treatments that are more effective than traditional cold sore medications.

How does laser treatment for cold sores work?

With a specialized laser, the cold sore is weakened and heated, killing the virus that causes it. This innovative laser procedure can be done in one short visit, taking just minutes and providing a treatment that will boost healing within two days. Instead of waiting for the cold sore to resolve on its own or using over-the-counter cold sore medication that fails to make a difference, you can utilize our advanced laser therapies to facilitate faster healing. This allows you to return to your life with less interruption from unwanted cold sores. In addition to treating cold sores, this same laser can also be used to address canker sores!

What are the advantages of laser treatments for cold sores?

Cold sores are actually caused by a type of herpes that cannot be cured. Many individuals with cold sores will deal with them for the rest of their lives. Outbreaks can be extremely bothersome and embarrassing. By talking to our dentists, you can educate yourself further on the development of cold sores and find the solution. Many patients come to our office for laser treatment because of its many advantages. These benefits include:

  • Safe and effective reduction of healing time
  • Prevention of additional outbreaks from happening
  • Permanent removal of cold sores
  • Fast treatment that can be performed with no anesthetic

Schedule an appointment to learn more about laser treatments for cold sores!

At Portland Dental, we understand how uncomfortable and inconvenient a cold sore can be. Our goal is to provide you with relief as quickly as possible without any adverse effects on your health. To learn more about our laser treatments for cold sores, please contact us today by calling (503) 221-8123 and requesting an appointment at our office, conveniently located at 511 SW 10th Avenue, Suite #1206. We are committed to providing the highest quality care so you can get back to enjoying your life without worry!