You Should Never Ignore Symptoms of Oral or Pharyngeal Cancer

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Every dental checkup performed at Portland Dental is designed to examine, monitor, and address all the various aspects involved in maintaining good oral health. This also includes a basic screening for signs of oral or pharyngeal cancer. If Drs. Fujii and Lee have any concerns, they will refer you to a specialist for further diagnosis and treatment.

It’s worth noting that oral and pharyngeal cancers can develop between your dental checkups. If you have a concern or experience symptoms, you should not hesitate to schedule an appointment with Drs. Fujii and Lee. Early detection can significantly improve your chances for treatment success.

Early symptoms of oral cancer could include a lingering pain in your mouth, swelling, or a lump in your cheek or gums. You should also be concerned if you notice red or white areas on your gums, tongue, or tonsils.

Pharyngeal cancer symptoms typically include a persistent sore throat or a feeling like something is stuck at the back of your throat. This could also include discomfort when swallowing. You might also experience flu-like symptoms.

If you live in the Portland, Oregon, area, and you’ve been experiencing symptoms of oral or pharyngeal cancer, you should call 503-227-1693 to schedule a checkup and screening at Portland Dental.