Is Bruxism the Cause of Your Damaged Teeth?

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If bruxism is the cause of your damaged teeth, it may be possible to tell. Bruxism, also known as teeth gnashing, is a problem that occurs among individuals of all ages in which a person will grind their teeth with knowing it. In many cases, bruxism occurs while a person is asleep, which is called sleep bruxism.

Sleep bruxism may appear to be hard to diagnose because you will not know if you are grinding your teeth while you sleep. Instead, ask a person close to you if they have ever noticed you grinding or gnashing your teeth as you rest.

Signs of bruxism will get bigger over time, but some can be noticed right away. With many users who suffer from bruxism, they have worn down and highly frayed gum tissue in their mouths around their cheeks. This includes strange markings on the cheeks themselves and the tongue. Your teeth will also appear to be heavily damaged, and may even feature unexplained breaks or cracks.

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