Have You Lost a Tooth?

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Having a tooth knocked out can be a traumatic experience. You can lose a tooth from a blow to the face, or from a fall or an accident. It’s natural to panic in a situation like this, but if you stay calm, you may be able to save your tooth.

The first thing you should do is find your tooth if you can. If you can locate it, take care to handle it by the crown and not by the roots. Rinse it gently with cool water or milk, and do not scrub it or wipe it down. Then, rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution to clear away any blood or debris. Then, see if you can fit it back into the socket. If you can, hold it in place with by gently biting down on it through a clean piece of gauze. You shouldn’t force the tooth, and if won’t slip easily into place, you can submerge it in milk or your own saliva. If neither of those are an option, place the tooth between your teeth and gums. Then call our dentists, Dr. Gerald Fujii and Dr. Kaveen T. Ranasinghe for an emergency appointment. You need to get to the dentist within an hour to save the tooth. If the tooth can be saved, the dentist will secure it with dental cement or a wire so it can heal and the roots can reattach themselves. If it can’t be saved, then the dentist will clean and repair the damaged area. The dentist will schedule you for a follow-up appointment to check your progress and if necessary, to discuss replacement options.

If you have suffered a lost tooth in Portland, Oregon, your first call should be to Portland Dental at 503-227-1693 for an emergency appointment.