Building a Foundation for Your Smile Without Gingivitis

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How often do you inspect your mouth out for any signs of damage? Although we often wait until we start to feel damage before we actually go in for treatments, it is a good idea to visually inspect your teeth and gums to see if any abnormal or irregular signs are present. An early stage of gum disease known as gingivitis poses unique symptoms that are often present. By noticing it early, you will be able to visit your dentist quickly for necessary treatments to slow its progress.

If you are at risk for gingivitis, it may be linked to another aspect of your life. Several health risks are directly linked to gingivitis and can increase your risk for the disease. If you are pregnant or have diabetes, you will be at a greater risk for gum disease. Furthermore, individuals who suffer from frequent bouts of bad breath, smoke or chew tobacco or are genetically predisposed due to various genetic markers in their DNA, they can be more likely to develop signs of gingivitis.

If for any reason you are suffering from bleeding gums or excessive redness with your mouth, visual clues such as these can often indicate an underlying oral health ailment. With gingivitis, your gums may not be functioning as they supposed to and can lead to various further risks to your smile. If for any reason you have struggled with poor oral hygiene that has left your gums vulnerable, the likelihood of gingivitis can increase.

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