Are You Informed about Crowns and Veneers?

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Are you ready for a summer smile enhancement courtesy of dental crowns or veneers? Dental crowns and veneers are cosmetic dentistry tooth restorations designed to restore teeth by concealing damage with durable shells that can be customized and crafted for the look and color you want. For more information about crowns and veneers, consider the following:

– If your teeth have been slightly cracked or discolored, dental veneers can be placed over the face of the teeth to cover up the damage.

– If you have a dental implant, a dental filling, or a root canal, a dental crown may be placed over the top of it for additional support.

– Dental veneers can be easily modified to the size, shape and color shade you desire.

– If a tooth has split or has been shattered, it may be possible to hold the pieces together with a dental crown.

– Dental crowns can conceal and protect damaged teeth that potentially otherwise would be destroyed or extracted.

– Dental veneers can be used for slight misalignments and can be crafted to fill out irregular or large gaps between teeth.

-When placing a veneer or crown over a tooth, a small amount of tooth enamel needs to be taken off to hold the treatment in place. Dental veneers need less enamel removed than dental crowns do to be bonded into place.

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